Android 12 loved for its looks more than its features


Despite the fact that Google no longer puts official treat names on its versatile OS discharges, Android 12 is looking quite sweet (the code name is “Shaved ice” incidentally). What’s more, its UI overhaul, named Material You, is a success.

A large portion of individuals who casted a ballot in last week’s survey are eager to get the Android 12 update. Also, they will get it, sometime. Which can’t be said for almost a fourth of citizens – they like what they see, yet their telephone is probably not going to get an informal update (do individuals actually introduce custom ROMs – that is an inquiry for one more week).


We realize that the information is likely slanted (a survey about Android is probably not going to draw in iOS fans), yet the mind-boggling larger part of citizens are content with Android and have no designs to switch over to the Apple stage. Just 10% are thinking about it, which is in reality near what experts have found – 88% of Android clients stay with the Android, the number for iOS clients is 93%. That was for Q2 in the US, in any case, yet it appears to be that main 1 out of 10 are thinking about exchanging groups.

All in all, what is it about Android 12 that individuals like so a lot, at any rate? Indeed, the most famous choice in the other survey was “both the looks and the new elements”, however taking into account that the “new elements” choice without anyone else put last and that “Material You” was second, plainly the new look is the super main thrust.


Material Design was presented a long time prior, it showed up with Android 5.0 Lollipop in 2014. Then, at that point, it was cleaned up in 2018 with “Material Theme” (otherwise known as Material Design 2). Material You includes an elaborate automatic themeing system (that molds itself to fit your wallpaper), new widgets, redesigned UI elements and more animations (check out our Android 12 review for more details).

The final product is a new look that fans love – this implies creators would be shrewd to take on whatever number of the progressions welcomed on by Material You as could be allowed.

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