Google: 2021 Winners and losers. Mobile Phone Price In Bangladesh.

Google: 2021 Winners and losers


It was a veritably good time for Google, but especially for its mobile division. The jury’s still out on whether tackle deals will match the quality of its rearmost phones but in all cases the phones we saw from Google in 2021 earn respect.

Winner: Tensor
Google’s custom-developed chip Tensor is presumably the company’s biggest palm. It empowers progressions in machine education and computational photography that Google wouldn’t have been reasonable to accomplish by utilizing an out-the-rack Qualcomm chip.

The processor has two Cortex-X1 centers, rather of the standard one, which implies the Tensor is galore significant.
Biggest of all, the TPU (Tensor Processing Unit, after which the whole chip is named) has a machine learning machine that’s erected for”where ML machines are heading, not where they’re moment.”This component of the Tensor chip handles new camera highlights, including the new HDRnet calculation for shooting tape and a smoothed out language model utilized by Google Assistant that empowers bettered restatement speed and delicacy.

This model also enables the new Live Translate features erected into Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. There is likewise a”Context Hub”which handles foundation errands or”ambient gests”like the consistently in plain view and Now Playing highlights without depleting power.
However, in particular, Tensor is one more differentiator for the Pixel line of telephones, similar to Android 12, which makes them stand apart among the Worlds, iPhones, Redmies, and Realmies of the world.

Winner: Pixel 6
The€ 599 Pixel 6 is one of the simplest telephone proposals in 2021 ( to be sure simpler during itspre-request when raced with free design earphones). It’s furnished with the Tensor chip, has the new 50MP Samsung-made camera, the new Pixel plan, remote charging, IP68 component security, and a high-level invigorate rate show 90Hz.

That main camera especially proved a superb pantomime in our review- day or night, moving the Pixel forcefully back in the high stratum of cameraphones.
A bit lower at6.4- inch ( however at 207g it is not really small), the Pixel 6 also has a say in the’ more compact phone’ discussion. What’s more, the Pixel 6 offered extraordinary battery life also.

Winner: Pixel 6 Pro
The Pixel 6 Pro added a bigger display and battery, advanced refresh rate-120Hz vs 90Hz-and a 4x periscope drone.
It’s additionally significantly less expensive than direct adversaries from Samsung and Apple, which was additionally exasperated during the Pixel 6 Pro’spre-order period when it was whisked with free headphones.

Still, numerous people would probably abstain the€ 200 decoration and go for the close Pixel 6 rather, but that is still a palm for Google.

Winner: Android 12
Android 12 rolled out to the Pixel line in early October and it brought a lot of advancements-the new theming system, the new Material You design language, new contraptions, the better execution, and an entirely different spotlight on foldables.
Google’s vision for Android 12 is various, simple, and well allowed out. Yet, it’ll look in no way like it when you get it on your Samsung, Motorola, or OnePlus. Each maker has its own style and outside of a many new contraptions, or the option to match the accentuation color to the wallpaper, little of what the Pixel’s Android 12 seems as though will make it to the anynon-Pixel telephone.

Winner: Pixel 5a 5G
The Pixel A line of phones is generally well-entered in the requests it sells. Especially in the US, where at the time of writing the Pixel 5a 5G is at a lower$ 399 price. For that, you get a good retail package with an 18W bowl, USB-C string, and a USB-A to USB-C appendage, excellent battery life, solid image quality, and water resistance. Also a spot in the primary line of programming refreshes.

Unless you’ve got a better deal on a Samsung Galaxy A phone, or live in a place where Redmi and Realme vend phones, the Pixel 5a 5G is tough to beat.

Winner: Pixel Kids-A
The Pixel Kids-An are just€ 99/$ 99, which surrenders them a leg on rivals from Apple and Samsung. They sound great and have acceptable, if not admiration- inspiring abidance.
Paired with a Google phone the Pixel Kids-A offer tighter integration, like hands-free Assistant access, real-time restatements, announcements read in your cognizance, or real-time navigation.

Loser: Pixel Fold
Google was verified to be working on a foldable phone. It was supposed to show how Android 12 workshop on the form factor and to have a big, conceivably7.6- inch, inner display, a nest selfie camera, and of course-good cameras and Tensor.

In any case, Google purportedly ruled against delivering the Pixel Fold, since it didn’t assume the telephone would be cutthroat. Sad.

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