Huawei reaches 150M HarmonyOS devices, pushes v3.0 Developer Preview


Huawei Inventor Conference took place moment, and the company CEO Richard Yu revealed intriguing details about the company’s consumer businessAccording to the superintendent, over 150 million bias are now on HarmonyOS, making it the swift-growing Zilches in history.

Yu also revealed HarmonyOS 3 Inventor Preview is being releasedaiming to ameliorate in three core directions– system armature, super outstations, and multi-device operation within the same ecosystem.
During the conference, Huawei revealed new flexible deployment robotization tools which inventors can use for the different tackle to complete the Zilches performance. There’s Ark UI3.0 development frame that will reduce the quantum of law for the cross-end operation of frontal-end development and design. DevEco Studio3.0 improves the effectiveness of cross-end operation development, while the new SDK opens 6000 TS/ JS API capabilities.

Huawei said a new HMS Core 6 was introduced before this time, but it’ll now be open for inventors for cross-OS capabilitiesmeaning the machine would be salutary for druggies who are used to apps that aren’t on the AppGallery but will want if they resettle to a Huawei device.

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