iPhone 12 unexpectedly dropping LTE and 5G service for some users

The iPhone 12 lineup has been within the wild for a touch over a month and is that the first generation of Apple’s smartphones to return with 5G support. However, there is by all accounts a remarkable issue with the iPhone 12 dropping assistance surprisingly (both 5G and LTE) and clients are witnessing it most when driving or voyaging.

It’s unclear exactly how widespread the matter with iPhone 12 dropping coverage is but over 500 people have now chimed therein they need an equivalent issue as user joxesCA since they posted details about the difficulty on Apple’s forums back at the top of October.

iPhone 12 dropping service unexpectedly
From multiple user accounts, it appears there might be a problem with how iPhone 12 is handling switching towers. Here’s what’s happening:
Many others have shared they’re seeing an equivalent on Reddit with this thread on the iPhone 12 dropping service problem seeing over 400 comments. Users on Verizon and AT&T seem to be seeing the matter the foremost but we’ve also heard from readers seeing the difficulty on T-Mobile.

Redditor Professional_Title noted last month that Verizon’s executive relations team was conscious of the issue:
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