iQOO Neo6 SE camera revealed


Remember when new Mobile phone adverts used to be all in one go, at one event, with zero specs being officially outed beforehand by the companies themselves? Those were the days. Also OnePlus came on and changed the game with its drip-feeding of small tidbits system of creating and sustaining hype overextended ages of time.

Well, now everybody’s doing just that, and vivo sub-brand iQOO has been applying exactly this formula when it comes to the Neo6 SE. This phone is due to come sanctioned on May 6, but at this rate, we’ll know absolutely everything there’s to know about it before also-and straight from iQOO itself.
After having preliminarily revealed the phone’s chipset, battery capacity, charging speed, and storehouse quantum, moment it was time for the company to address the giant in the room cameras. It had not talked about this before, but now we know that the Neo6 SE’s main hinder shooter will be a 64 MP unit with OIS.

That seems, on paper at least, identical to the Neo6, which is formerly launched. So maybe the main difference between these two will be the SoC used? The Neo 6 SE has the Snapdragon 870, while the Neo 6 goes with a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Grounded on former rumors, the displays feel to be identical too, so we are anxious to find out what other differences there might be-if any. Stay tuned for iQOO’s coming teaser, also.

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