OnePlus Nord N100 confirmed 90Hz refresh rate on display

Since last year OnePlus released smoothness of its “fluid displays’, featuring 90Hz and 120Hz refresh rates. The journey started with the 7 Pro. The authority including these features among all of those recent devices, except one. And this device is that the Nord N100.

We are talking about the OnePlus Nord N100, which released with the Nord N10 in October. we’ve already received the N10 review. there’s a 60Hz refresh rate within the Nord N100’s spec list. But it had been always surprising to us. It contains a touch tweaked version of the Oppo A53 and A53S. They contain a 120 Hz refresh rate.

Oneplus has been already cleared the key on its own. The N100 confirming its display with a 90Hz refresh rate panel. The Refresh rate selector is additionally available in Settings, although the default is 60Hz.

Oneplus denied its previous statement about the 60Hz refresh rate on Nord N100. An Android authority found a 90Hz refresh rate on its screen. But the particular refresh rate depends on settings, applications used, and processing limitations.

At last, the question will have that why OnePlus hasn’t marketed this feature for this phone. Then the solution is going to be processing limitations. It’s Snapdragon 460 chipset might not be capable of providing a smooth enough experience all the time if you accompany the 90Hz setting. therein case, the rationale could also be the corporate just pretended this wasn’t available within the first place.

It is a Weird condition to be in to purposefully discount something present on a tool. it’ll put an enormous effect on marketing departments who usually love doing the precise opposite. Even, You couldn’t ready to live without gimmicky features that sound like things.

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