Realme GT Neo3 showered with love


Realme has nailed it – the Realme GT Neo3 was poured with love in last week’s bean, where 80 of the votes were in its favor. We infrequently see a phone be favored so explosively. Its precursor, the GT Neo2, actually got a slightly negative result at the pates.

The Neo3 appears to be a success in its home requaest formerly, after dealing units on launch day. It’s not clear which of the two performances – mAh battery/ 150W charging or mAh battery/ 80W charging – was more popular. The 80W one is clearly cheaper (CNYvs. CNY).
Price is commodity that will determine the position of success of the GT Neo3 encyclopedically. Unfortunately, Realme hasn’t blazoned its plans for a rollout to new requests just yet. The gregarious GT Neo2 is€ 450 in Europe, so we anticipate to see the new model in the same price range.

Meanwhile, it looks like the OnePlus 10R will be nearly identical to the Realme GT Neo3. Alas, we haven’t heard anything about the pricing on the 10R moreover.

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