Realme officially teases Coca-Cola Phone
Realme officially teases Coca-Cola Phone.

Realme officially teases Coca-Cola Phone

A couple of days agone
, we saw the render of a Coca- Cola- ingrained smartphone, but there was no evidence about its maker since the Realme phone had no totem of any smartphone brand. still, given its resemblance to the Realme10/10 Pro, it was reasonable to anticipate that the Cola Phone would be a special edition of one of these Realme smartphones. And that is what will probably be since Realme mobile moment posted a short clip on Twitter intimating at its collaboration with Coca- Cola.

Realme posted a videotape clip on Twitter having the textbook” commodity instigative is washing!” and a smartphone in the red- ish background with all the hiss we generally see in potables like Coca- Cola.
Realme phone also set up an event runner on its Indian website with the same background, but this time, the textbook reads,” Realme mobile-phone is set to get really refreshin.

On the same runner, we also have an image of a libation bottle, with the drink’s hiss in the shape of Realme ow- Realme’s sanctioned charm and Chief Trend Officer. It has the textbook” Get ready to say Cheers For Real.”
All this is proof enough that Realme has teamed up with Coca- Cola for a Coca- Cola- ingrained smartphone, and if the render of the Cola Phone we saw is real, it’ll be a special edition Realme 10 or 10 Pro.