Realme X7 phone is waiting to hit India in 2021

Realme India confirmed the announcement for this phone. They already teased a video of this Realme X7 phone on YouTube and the official website. consistent with the teaser we all know that the X7 phone should be expected to hit India in 2021. they’re going to be hitting India in 2021, with more devices to follow then – revealed by the Realme India CEO Madhav Sheth.

In the previous month, Mr. Sheth asked his followers for their personal opinions about Mediatek chipsets. He also wanted to make sure about the upcoming Realme X7 and X7 Pro. the great thing is, both are power by respectively by Dimensity 800U and Density 1000+.

Realme X7 phone is waiting to hit India in 2021.

Madhav Sheth keeps pushing about the 5G future albeit India doesn’t have a functioning next-generation network. most likely he hopes people will see the Realme X7 phones as a future-proof purchase. Surprisingly, Realme got such a lot of achievements in India last year. As become a Chinese item, Realme got numerous vibes available in India. The Indians are loving this brand.

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