Samsung Galaxy M42 is coming with a huge mAh battery

Samsung fabricates enormous batteries for the Galaxy M arrangement. The galaxy M series is legendary for its giant battery. Most of them contain 6000mAh power cells. It’s much huge than the opposite phones. Here may be a monster on the M series named Galaxy M51. The monster comes with a 7000mAh battery. Now, another powerful phone will enrich the M series.

As long as we all know this device maybe Samsung Galaxy M42. The model number is going to be SamsungEBBM425ABY. And it appeared on CCC with a 6000 mAh battery.

Mainly its capacity listed on CCC is 5830mAh.That means it’ll hold a minimum charge like this capacity, which the standard battery will 6000 mAh.The exact same device was also certified at DEKRA and also at BIS – The Bureau of Indian Standards.

The Galaxy M42 isn’t a rebrand of any models. The model number clearly identified that the phone is returning the M4x series. consistent with these certifications, it’ll appear as soon as possible.

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