Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22+ leak hints at wider displays with almost no bezels


The Galaxy S22 family is really on the horizon, however, as per the rearmost bigwig word, the launch is now pushed back, in favor of a speedier release of the overdue Galaxy S21 FE in January. In the meantime, leaks have continued to pour in, though substantiallynon-official renders, grounded on early word. Factual live prints of design rudiments, like the recent S22 Ultra ersatz unit have been many and far between. A new leak, courtesy of estimable source Ice macrocosm, claims to reveal the frontal design of the forthcoming Galaxy S22 and S22.

These aren’t actually display glass modules, however, but rather tempered glass defenders, meant for the forthcoming phones. A fairly standard way to get early device leaks, since major case and other accessory makers do tend to get overall confines and layout for smartphones beforehand.
It seems that the S22 generation will be a bit wider and lower” skinny and altitudinous”than the current S21 one. The edges look slightly rounder, as well. Bezels are minimum each around and appear to be symmetrical on all sides. Though, it should be noted that screen defenders can occasionally be a bit deceiving in terms of bezel proportions.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra dummy unit ( images xleaks7 x CoverPigtou) Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra dummy unit ( images xleaks7 x CoverPigtou)
To recap some earlier S22 rumors, all three models are likely to feature a conventional punch-hole selfie, rather than an under-display one, with a6.1- inch display on the regular S22 and a6.6- inch bone on the S22. We’re still not sure about the S22 Ultra’s slant. Speaking of cameras, the S22 and S22 are likely to get an upgraded main snapper-Samsung’s ISOCELL GN5-a 50MP detector with all-directional autofocus and big1.0 ┬Ám pixels.

For internals, we anticipate transnational units to gemstone an Exynos 2200, bruited to point an AMD- made GPU, whereas Chinese and US bones should be running the forthcoming Qualcomm flagship offer. As per a recent 3C instrument, all three handsets might stick to 25W charging for yet another generation. And as far as we presently know, the S21 will have a lower mAh battery, so will the S22, with an alleged mAh pack. Only the Ultra might get the same mAh of its precursor, despite allegedly fitting an S Pen inside its body.

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