Sony Xperia Pro-I disassembled on video, is very different from the Xperia 1 III on the inside


The Sony XperiaPro-I is one of the more intriguing bias to come out in 2021. It’s asemi-pro device that’s putatively grounded on the Xperia 1 III, but with a different camera module. A disassembly videotape proves this isn’t the case as the Pro-I has a fully different motherboard from the one used in the Mark III (which can be seen in this videotape).

To open up the phone, the reverse must be removed first – it’s glass, so you need to be careful not to crack it. Also, there’s a series of standard Philips screws. Sony didn’t use personal screws or inordinate quantities of glue, so Sony didn’t designedly make this phone hard to repair, but it is.
For illustration, the bowl harborage attaches to the motherboard via a flex string. That makes it easier to change out than soldered USB-C anchorages, the problem is that you have to remove numerous factors before you have access to the harborage and its string.

Changing the screen is an aggravation as well – you need to eliminate the motherboard, the speaker get together, vibration engine and a numerous different pieces and pieces before you can get to the screen’s flex string.
Interestingly, while bobby vid and graphite flicks are used for a many chips, the chipset gets no thermal paste or thermal pads to help it spread its heat to the essence guard that compass it. And it shows, in our review we noted that the phone doesn’t handle sustained cargo veritably well.

Subsequent to having taken the Sony XperiaPro-I completely, PBKreviews provided the telephone a request score of3/10. The Xperia 1 III improved mark,6/10. Still, repairs are tricky, If you have a Pro-I you more be careful with it.

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