The Realme GT Neo2 eyed with doubt


The Realme GT Neo2 neglected to contrast its kin, based on last week’s bean. It may be worth another look-since the bean went up, we published our review of the phone and while we plant a many issues, the phone does offer great performance and battery life for its price.

The druthers differ depending on where you live,e.g. the GT Neo Flash noway launched in India. But the Realme X7 Max did and it offers veritably analogous features for lower plutocrat. The usual sticking point were brought up formerly more.
While neither the Neo2 nor the X7 Max have blowup cameras, the Max has a3.5 mm headphone jack. The Neo2 has a better screen and bigger battery, but for many the mileage of the jack is worth further than HDR10 support for the screen.

Also there was the matter of the chipset – a Snapdragon 870, a generally well-liked chip. The X7 Max uses the Dimensity 1200 (as do some other druthers like the Poco F3 GT), a chip that had plenitude of suckers in the comment section, though the Snapdragon still has the upper hand in terms of fashionability.
To be sure, the exhibition you can escape the Realme GT Neo2 is difficult to coordinate at its value point, battery life as well. Still, games were limited at 60 fps so you ’re not getting the full 120Hz experience from the screen. Also, photography isn’t the phone’s strong suit. Of course, the GT series are each about performance and gaming, Realme has other series that concentrate on the camera.


PS. a many days after the bean started Realme unveiled the GT Neo 2T in China. This model is substantially identical to the GT Neo Flash. There’s no word on transnational expansion for this one yet.

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