Vivo X70 will arrive in September with in-house ISP company exec confirms


A rumor about Vivo developing an in-house ISP surfaced yesterday, and today we got a politician confirmation. Hu Baishan, President of Vivo China, held a news gathering where he shed some light on the organization’s momentary plans.

The executive said there’s a Vivo V1 ISP which can be during a Vivo X70 series smartphone. He further uncovered the arrangement is getting reported in September. There‚Äôs also a Vivo tablet in development, but it’s only coming within the half of 2022.

The Internet of Things topic was also discussed and Vivo is now implementing a technique called 1+3+N. It’s actually what Huawei presented, and Realme acquired – one cell phone inside the middle, controlling three fringe gadgets, which would then be able to be associated with a few other savvy items.

Hu revealed that keeping users within the same ecosystem will make the general experience and lifestyle better. He mentioned Apple, saying the US company is doing an excellent job keeping its users within the closed-loop. At long last, vivo says it’s no plans of delivering a TV like numerous other cell phone organizations did.

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