Xiaomi 12 now rumored to debut on December 12


The end of the time is nearing, and you know what that means, right? No, we do not mean Black Friday, nor the” vacation shopping season”. Qualcomm is going to unveil its newest flagship chipset on November 30, and after that the race is on-for the first phone to be blazoned with it at the helm.

Both Lenovo- possessed Motorola and Xiaomi are contenders this time, supposedly, and while it’s unclear which one will” win”this dubious competition, according to a scuttlebutt out of China moment the Xiaomi 12’s ad date has been set (albeit not disclosed at this point).
It’ll be December 12, because 12,12/12, and harmony each over. Allegedly the original idea was to hold the event on December 16, but that is not a 12. So, if this kissers out, the unearthing will be on a Sunday, since that is what December 12 is. Weird, but ok.

One recent scuttlebutt claimed that the Xiaomi 12X would be blazoned alongside the 12 at the same event. Do not hold your breath for a 12 Ultra, however-that one is nearly clearly coming latterly, in 2022.
The Xiaomi 12 is said to sport a twisted screen with a center hole-punch for the selfie camera, 120 Hz refresh rate and”2K” resolution, binary speakers, and a triadic hinder camera system with a 50 MP main detector from Samsung or Sony. Other potential features fuse 120W fast charging and a ultrasonic point locater.

The Xiaomi 12 is likely to arrive on the request running the forthcoming MIUI 13 from day one-and the software is presumably also going to be presented at the same event. Although surely it would make further sense for the MIUI 13 donation to come a day latterly? While we are playing with figures, that is.

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