Xiaomi introduced a 55W charger in CCC in Global । Smartphone Dokan
Xiaomi introduced a 55W charger in CCC in Global

Xiaomi introduced a 55W charger in CCC

Hello online inhabitants we are here with new shooting information on the Xiaomi brand.

Xiaomi presented a 55W quick charging fit charger in CCC. The leakstar Digital Chat Station is suggesting it’ll make its thanks to Redmi phones, also because of the Xiaomi lineup. This adapter comes with model number MDY-12-EQ. it’ll support the fast-charging rate with 11V at 5A.

Xiaomi Features a wide selection of power adapters that support many new and old standards. Till now we don’t see quite 33W within the Redmi lineup. The 33W fast charging capable phone is that the Redmi K30 Ultra.

The MI 10 PRO accompanied a 65W charger yet it does just 50W charging. But the new one is going to be more active than the others.

Guys, really the arrival of the 55W charger suggests us to ascertain another step at the fast charging rates of Xiaomi.

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