Xiaomi shares more details about the upcoming Civi phone


Xiaomi is presently only hours distant from the authority September 27 declaration occasion for a substitution Civi series of cell phones. we’ve already seen a couple of renders and teasers for a minimum of one device from the new family and quite few specs are rumored.

Now Xiaomi has taken to Weibo another time with additional teasers, providing some extra info and reaffirming a number of the items we already knew. We should begin with equipment first – the Snapdragon 778G chipset is currently authoritatively affirmed then, at that point, is that the 4,500 mAh battery limit, which the banners appear to say will offer “the longest battery life on a Xiaomi telephone this year”. but, our translation won’t be perfect.

Same goes for the contrary authority standard, which seems to recommend three significant programming updates and three years of help for the Xiaomi Civi. Rounding-off the officially-confirmed info, we already knew some basic dimensions for the primary Civi – it’s getting to be 71.5mm wide, 6.98mm thin and weigh 166 grams. Now we all know that, apparently, the center, presumably metal frame goes to be extremely thin, just 1.5mm and therefore the chin under the display will measure just 2.25mm. Once more, we trust our harsh interpretations are precise here.

Last, however not least, Xiaomi additionally authoritatively shared a somewhat extended and broad infographic clarifying how its facial “beautification” separating goes to figure on the Civi. That term doesn’t really roll in the hay justice, since as far as we managed to know, Xiaomi used machine learning to coach a classy neural network to “re-depict” or re-construct countenance on a per-pixel level. The goal is to preserve the particular skin texture, rather than just destroying it.

Apparently, the entire system actually has quite one moving part. The most model was prepared utilizing the expert correcting work, done by photographic artists on photographs of a huge number of young ladies from various points. The goal being for the neural network to undertake to mimic the particular retouching process, rather than a more-conventional approach of “plastering” over imperfections in isolation. During training, the primary neural network was also kept in restraint by a second network, specifically trained to differentiate between the first images and therefore the computer-generated images, during training.

It seems like the feature will clearly be specifically geared towards more feminine countenance, which also makes us wonder just how specifically-targeted the neural network is in its current state. We’ll simply have to ultimately test for ourselves how well it handles Caucasian provisions or hazier appearances. Still, pretty interesting stuff.

Incidentally, we do likewise definitely realize that the Xiaomi Civi will have a 32MP selfie camera, with self-adjust. the eye to selfies and beautification does not shock anyone.

To adjust things, another not-authoritatively affirmed, however expected specs on the Civi incorporate a 6.55″ FullHD 120Hz presentation, 55W charging, 256GB of capacity and MIUI 12.5.1. Likewise, Dolby Atmos upgrade, presumably on top of a sound system speaker arrangement.

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